Chris and Nancy

[Insert date here]

It's official - we're getting married and would love to celebrate this special day with you!

Our story

Believe it or not, we have known each other since our first year at UBC.

We were pretty good friends throughout undergrad and spent a lot of time together in the Supermileage student team - but, it wasn't until after graduation that we started dating.

Our love of travelling, hiking, and adventuring outdoors brought us together. Since then, we've had countless adventures camping under the stars, living in Japan, travelling to different countries...and yes, building Lego as well.

We're continuing to take our adventures to new heights! Here are some highlights from the last few years.

Climbing a tree - our first date!
Kayaking in Qualicum Beach
Sunset hike to St. Marks Summit
Snorkeling in crystal waters in Thailand
Biking the seawall
Visiting the wildlife in Austrailia
Skiing in Japow
Waterfall chasing in asia
Being one with the leaves
Celebrating NYE in Chiangmai
Checking out Giant Sequoias
& feeding giant mosquitos
Happy campers
Scootering around Thailand
Bundled up on top of Panorama Ridge
- we planned to stay for stars but got too cold
Exploring New York - Chris' fav part was neither the bridge or time square, it was seeing the gold bricks in the New York Fed's reserve
Beach unicorn rides
Top of Bangkok
ATVing in Whistler
At the top of Opal Cone!
Sushiiii 😋
Exploring trestles around BC
Scenic ferry rides - obv. one of us appreciates it more than the other
Blown away at Twin Peaks
Big sur roadtrip
Exploring Bali
Hiking West Coast Trail
Paddling across Pitt Lake
Hanami sakura in Japan
Snow speeder fun

Celebration details

We're celebrating our commitment to adventuring together forever at the Teahouse in Stanley Park!

Teahouse in Stanley Park
GPS Coordinates
49.301, -123.157
Dress Code
Cocktail or Patagonia
RSVP deadline
[RSVP DATE] Midnight PST

Feeling lost? Here is a map...

When is the ceremony?

We're doing the ceremony separately. Don't worry, you didn't miss out. We will show you photos of city hall - or the top of a mountain.

What time should I arrive for the reception?

Doors will open at 5pm. 🥂😋 Bubblies and canapés will be served. Guest seating and grand entrance will commence at around 6pm.

Can I take pictures during the wedding?

Only if you are willing to upload them and share with everyone after! Here's a link to join the Google Photo Album.

There will be a roaming photographer to capture the evening, but who doesn't enjoy group selfies? 🤳

Is there a place to store coats and purses during the reception?

The event is indoors, so you won't have to worry about coats. If you are fancy and have a coat, the back of your chair is available.

How do I get to the Teahouse in Stanley Park?

By transit
Refer to Google maps. There might be some trekking involved.

By car
Expect there to be traffic on the way to the venue since it is a Friday! Note that travel around Stanley Park is one-way, you will have to drive around counter-clockwise.

Where should I park

The Teahouse Restaurant has an exclusive parking lot both in front of the restaurant and off of Stanley Park Drive at the back of the restaurant. Parking is $3.50 per hour in Stanley Park.

Note that from April 1st to September 30th, parking is free after 11PM. Hooray...1 hour of free parking 😅

How will food and drinks be served?

We will be serving a plated 3-course meal. Drinks will be on us - unless you are Uncle Victor.

Have other questions?

Drop us the question in your rsvp or msg us.


We are so happy that you are considering giving us a gift for our special day. While we do not have a registry, your presence with us is already the best gift we could ever ask for.

If you still wish to give a gift, we would be delighted to receive a cash gift towards our travel, plants, Lego, and scotch fund.

Thank you so much for thinking of us, and we can't wait to celebrate with you!

Contribute to the fun fund directly

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